Go Fish! A Fun STEAM Activity Perfect for World Ocean Day! 🎣 🌊

Jun 3, 2022

June is here and it’s time to go outside and to the beach! It also happens to have World Ocean Day on June 8th. Here’s a fun activity to dive deep and get in the summer spirit while learning!

Magnetic Fish Game! 🎣

This activity is not only fun to create but also helps children with developing hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. Additionally, this game will help your #younginventors learn numbers – there are different levels at which you can play this game to increase the difficulty


  • Cardboard or paper
  • Paperclips
  • Marker 
  • Magnet
  • String
  • Stick or long piece of wood/plastic 


  1. Cut paper or cardboard into fish shapes 
    • Tip: Make as many as you’d like – we’d suggest at least 10!
  2. Draw an eye on them and label them with a number
    • For more fun: Color the fish!
  3. Put a paper clip on each fish
  4. Attach the piece of string to the end of the stick and the magnet to create a fishing rod
  5. Lay the fish out on a table 
  6. Fish! 🎣
  7. Alternative levels to play:
    • Read out the numbers you successfully catch to practice learning numbers 🤔
    • Added challenge – create a simple addition game by adding the numbers of the two fish you catch before going back for more!📱
    • Memory game: turn the fish to the other side and remember which number was where before catching them 🧠


Did you know we have a club designed for children ages 4-12 so they can learn the importance of inventions from an early age? As a member of the club, you and your children will learn all about inventions while completing fun, easy STEAM activities. We hope to spark the creativity of every #younginventor!