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Welcome to the Young Inventor’s Club!  As a member, you’ll discover the secrets to what makes our world tick – and unlock your own potential for invention! So join with the Ninja Kidz and help us invent the future!

What is The Young Inventor’s Club?

The Young Inventors Club celebrates inventors and their extraordinary achievements – and starts your child on a journey of fun, adventure and creativity!

As a club member, you will help your child learn about patents, inventors, past inventions and how to come up with inventions of their own.

Why You Should Join The Club

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Are you up for the challenge?

Spark your child’s curiosity! The Young Inventor’s Club is free to join and members receive creative, hands-on STEM activities designed by our very own Dr. Wetzel.

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Young Inventor’s Journal

Join Brooke, Noah, and baby Graham for the newest entry in the If Not You, Then Who?® series, the Young Inventor’s Journal! Through a series of fun puzzles and games, kids will learn how to think like an inventor, and they’ll even get a chance to develop some of their own ideas. A must-have for any young inventor!

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