Welcome Educators!

We are so glad that you’re interested in The Young Inventor’s Club for your students.

Welcome Educators!

We are so glad that you’re interested in The Young Inventor’s Club for your students.

The Young Inventor’s Club in the classroom

The Young Inventor’s Club provides an easy and educational way for you to encourage your students to complete S.T.E.A.M. activities outside the classroom. The Educator Dashboard makes it is easy to monitor student sign ups and challenge completion allowing this to be the perfect extra credit activity.

Joining the club is free to join and easy to use – once an account is created, students will be able to simply login with their parents permission to complete monthly challenges and receive newsletters that encourage them to learn more about inventions and inventors alike.

Educator Dashboard

Easily track student progress with the Educator’s Dashboard will provide you with access to student sign-ups and submissions, along with the number of referrals used.

Educator Resources

Implementing a new curriculum can be tricky. We make it easy with resources like step-by-step Educator Guides and instructional handouts for children to bring home.

Blog Activities

If you are looking for additional activities to use in the classroom, we have you covered! The Inventor Corner posts new fun and easy S.T.E.A.M. activities every month.

Educator Sign Up

Stay Up To Date!

The Young Inventor’s Club Newsletter is a monthly newsletter that includes our monthly blog activities and additional resources that can be utilized as classroom materials such as coloring pages, invention-based matching activities, and more. Subscribe to never miss out!

Get Your Classroom A Deluxe Bundle!

Our Deluxe bundle includes the first four books of the If Not You, Then Who?® series in addition to the Inventor’s Journal, which helps guide students through S.T.E.A.M. activities. These books can be the perfect addition to your classroom!

Need A Visual Aid?

You can find fun instructional videos on how to complete the challenges on our YouTube channel. Follow with Brooke, a fellow #YoungInventor, as she uses her problem-solving skills to complete the S.T.E.A.M. challenges found on your Young Inventor’s Club dashboard.