Fun January-Themed STEAM Activity for kids!

Jan 13, 2022

STEM + Art  = STEAM! When kids combine STEM and art, they can really explore their creative side from painting to sculpture! This month, we’ve selected an easy STEAM project incorporating art and science for a truly fun experience. Great for preschoolers to elementary who may not be keen on arts and crafts. 

Have you completed your challenge for this month? Yes, Good job! 

Activity: Winter-time Fun with Snowflake Painting 

Snowflakes are renowned for their uniqueness, no matter how many billions of them fall from the sky, there are never two the same! Have fun with your #younginventor as they create their own snowflake patterns and paintings with salt, food coloring, and glue. 

Materials you will need for this activity:

  • White card-stock or watercolor paper
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Eyedroppers or Turkey Baster
  • Food coloring (any color of choice)


  1. Gather the materials listed above
  2. Print out the snowflake stencils  
  3. Then lay a piece of paper over the snowflake pattern
  4. Use the glue to draw over the snowflakes, making sure to do each small arm of the snowflake
  5. Put a good amount of salt onto the glue
  6. Carefully pour the excess salt off.
  7. Let the glue and salt painting dry.
  8. In a cup, mix a few tablespoons of water with food coloring of your choice. Note that the more food coloring you use the darker your “paint” will appear.
  9. Use a turkey baster  or eyedropper to slowly drip the coloring onto the salt painted snowflakes. Try not to drench the patterns but let the salt soak up one droplet of color at a time instead.

This activity was created by Little Bins Little Hands