Back-To-School Fun STEAM Activity: Oobleck

Aug 3, 2022

School is almost here, but the fun never stops! Let’s do another fun activity before school’s back in session! This month we want to introduce Oobleck to you… What’s Oobleck? Simply put, Oobleck is a fluid made from cornstarch and water. It’s often used in schools to teach kids about science concepts while also developing fine motor skills as they work and strengthen their hand muscles while engaging in sensory play! If you’ve never tried this, you may end being just as amazed as your #younginventor. 

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Question: What will happen when we cornstarch and water together? 


Hypothesis: If we mix cornstarch and water, then… 

*Make sure to ask your #younginventor his hypothesis before moving onto the next step.



    • 2 cups of cornstarch
    • 1 cup of warm water
    • A few drops of food coloring (optional)
    • A large bowl
    • Gloves, table coverings and glasses (to keep the mess contained!)



    1. Mix the cornstarch and water together with your hands 
    2. You can feel when it’s all mixed in and ready to play with! 
    3. If you want to add food coloring simply mix in a few drops during the mixing process.

PARENTS PLEASE NOTE: When you’re done playing with it DO NOT pour this down the drain. Instead scrape it into a garbage bag so that you avoid clogging the pipes.


Let’s make some conclusions! Ask your child: 

    1. What happens when you don’t play with it? 
    2. What happens when you squeeze it? 
    3. Is this what you expected to happen?

Oobleck becomes solid when pressure is applied and will return to a liquid state when left alone. All in all, Oobleck is part solid part liquid which can create hours of fascinating fun for your #younginventor. 


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